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Stephanie Drenka

Diversity Chic: Top 3 in 2016

Diversity Chic: Top 3 in 2016

Diversity Chic is a collaboration of Dallas bloggers showcasing current fashion trends on a variety of skin tones, hair colors, body types and heights. Each month we will feature a new trend tailored to our personalities and style.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past few months… changing jobs, making goals, and figuring out the direction this blog will take in the next year. It seems only fitting to do the same with our Diversity Chic series. Valery, Sevi, Denise, and I decided to use this month’s installment to reflect on our favorite moments from 2016, and discuss where we’re headed next! It was difficult for me to narrow down the list, so I limited myself to posting my top 3:

1) Chambray in the Park

Loved having Jaclyn join us for this installment. It’s one of my favorites because we took the chambray trend and really showcased 5 individual styles– different shades, silhouettes, and sizes. Beyond that, I think it featured some of the most beautiful photos we’ve produced for DC, and looking at the pictures reminds me of a George Seurat painting. Diversity Chic has not only been a chance for me to develop my personal fashion style, but the opportunity to continually flex my photography muscles and grow.

2) Pool Party

This summertime post shot in my backyard remains a favorite because it depicts how much fun the four of us have together, even outside of blogging. My introvertedness reached its peak last year, and were it not for these sweet friends, I probably would have spent its entirety at home watching Netflix or playing video games. I finally found my tribe– the ones that I can be myself around 100% of the time. Whether it’s hanging out by the pool, or working on blog stuff while our husbands play video games or watch movies– they keep me grounded, inspired, and relaxed. I steered away from blogging events last year, and decided instead to devote my time to cultivating the friendships of people who mattered most.

3) Power Blazers

Last, but not least, my final favorite installment was shot this past November during one of the most trying times for the four of us. On the heels of the election results, we all felt powerless and fearful. Our group chat, often filled with light-hearted memes and Beyonc√© lyrics, was focused instead on our collective disbelief that you-know-who was elected President of the United States. Diversity Chic was never just a blog collaboration for us. It is a philosophy, a platform — a movement. We threw on blazers, as a nod to Pantsuit Nation, donned our safety pins, and told the world (or our readers) that we would not stop fighting the good fight. Last year, this blog became a source of pain for me after I was asked forced to remove content from a post when it was taken negatively and out of context. It broke me. I almost gave up blogging entirely. Valery, Sevi, and Denise were my strength when I felt I had none left– providing endless support and encouragement to help me find my voice again.

Looking back at our two year archive of Diversity Chic, it’s hard for me to imagine how we will top this all in 2017. We’ve really grown into individual styles over time, and the evolution is something I will cherish always. This celebration of our true selves and embracing of everything that makes us unique is something that we want to share with anyone else who has ever felt like they don’t have a place in this fashion blogging world.

Valery, Sevi, Denise, and I are excited to announce that we will be turning Diversity Chic into a link-up this year so that anyone else can join in the movement! Our Valentine’s Day themed installment is scheduled for February 7th, and we hope that you’ll have content to share!

Thanks to all of our readers for your encouragement over the past two years. And thank you to Valery, Sevi, and Denise for including me in this Diversity Chic journey. I’m so proud of how much we’ve grown, and grateful for the indelible impact you and this small blog series have made on my life.

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  • Emily Stafford

    January 17, 2017

    Hi Steph!

    Loved reading this and you all look super fabulous! I love the range of styling and how strong and beautiful you all are! Also, count Barbie and I in, we’d be honored to join the movement! So happy that 2016 brought us closer together and can’t wait to see our wonderful friendship grow!


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