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Stephanie Drenka

Embracing Ethical Fashion: Start Somewhere

Embracing Ethical Fashion: Start Somewhere

"You don't have to love fashion any less. Celebrate the beauty and artistry of clothing and invest in things you really love and will wear and take care of a long time. That in itself is sustainable." (Andrew Morgan, The True Cost)

The idea of evolving my wardrobe into an ethical, conscious one is a bit intimidating. Not only have I already spent more than a year editing my closet into capsules, but there is so much to learn about this sector of the fashion industry. I'm clumsily navigating my way through concepts like "sustainable" or "eco-friendly" and "free trade" -- still unsure sometimes about the differences between them all.

I don't think I'm ready to go out and replace all the items I currently have with more sustainable options, but the above quote from the documentary filmmaker of "The True Cost" made me feel a little bit better. Over the past year, I've definitely invested in items that will last over time and feel less compelled to buy short-term things.

Spending less time looking at other fashion blogs has helped as well. It's not that I love my style blogger friends any less, but we're on different paths right now. Staying focused on making my closet and choices more conscious is difficult when being distracted by the newest items or fleeting trends. I'm still trying to recover from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

To help acclimate myself to this new way of shopping/living, I've found conscious collections from companies I've purchased things from before that fit my minimalist style. I'm excited to continue researching other ethical options, but it's a little less intimidating for a newbie like myself. As Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." (or shirt!)

"ASOS is committed to reducing our impact on the planet. By working with eco-friendly brands and global initiatives, we've put together an edit of clothing, accessories, and beauty products that fit within our criteria of sustainability."

"When we created Treasure&Bond and decided it would be a brand that gives back, we wanted to support organizations that would really mean something to the young women who will be the majority of our Treasure&Bond customers"

"From our LA-made tees to our hand-crafted Italian loafers, all of our products are made at ethical factories, from the finest materials, and sold without traditional markups."

"The collection comprises of high-end environmentally friendly pieces, aiming to move H&M’s fashion and sustainability development towards a more sustainable fashion future."

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