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Stephanie Drenka

The Last Straw (Tote)

The Last Straw (Tote)

While browsing Shopbop, I stumbled upon this gorgeous woven straw bag and knew it would be the perfect addition to my summer closet. I began daydreaming about toting it around Door County, Wisconsin next month on our family vacation. Hundreds of outfit combinations floated through my mind. As much as I love my Gaia’s Ark purse, it’s not super functional in terms of holding all the things I typically need with me (aka camera gear). This tote seemed sturdy and spacious, but was it worth the splurge?

The product page alerted me that there was only one item left. I was fully convinced that this was just a strategic marketing tool… which totally worked, because SOLD. Except that after I checked out and refreshed the page, it really did sell out! I was quite easily convinced that this bag was meant for me.
When the bag arrived this evening, it was everything I had dreamed it would be. I may have spun around and done a short happy dance that I snagged the last one. The selfish feeling of relief faded as I started to think about all the people who might be looking at the sold out page and feeling disappointment instead of elation. I made it my mission, then, to find more for my fellow fashion-obsessed friends.

After some serious searching, I found the bag online (and in-stock) here and a slightly smaller version here. In case these sites sell out, too, there is a similar style available for pre-order on Etsy!

There is no hyperbole when I say that if you want this bag, don’t think twice. TREAT YO SELF. Can you tell that my minimalist shopping rules fly out the window when the “out of stock” threat looms? You’re welcome!!

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