Make a Statement: Devon Leigh Jewelry

I received jewelry c/o Devon Leigh for this post. All opinions are my own.

Hello blog, my old friend. It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post (and now I feel like this is the beginning of a confession). Please excuse my unexplained absence. I have an “it’s complicated” relationship with the blogging world right now. There are crazy terrible things happening in our country, and sometimes it feels so strange to look at fashion blogs– because you’d never know anything out of the ordinary was occurring. I had lost my blogging mojo and struggled to find motivation to create new content.

By happy circumstance, I found renewed inspiration from a jewelry designer named Devon Leigh who “creates unique styles that define the individual spirit of each woman.” Devon is a renaissance woman who was working in the film industry when she started designing unique, scene-stealing jewelry pieces. Her imaginative designs and free-spirited personality are a breath of fresh air for me.

Introduced to Devon Leigh’s collection by a high school classmate, I began reading about the talented designer’s work and vision. My immediate thought was– I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER! “Her jewelry is about evolution; her evolution as a woman, as a wife and mother and as a designer. The pieces in many ways reflect aspects of her character, a balance of adventurous and refined.”

Can I get a raised arms emoji please?

Yes. It’s possible to be fashionable and elegant, but still rock the boat on occasion when necessary! That is how innovation, progress, and change happen. It is also possible to pare down your wardrobe and live a minimalist lifestyle without being bored or boring.

Even though I live in basics, I still like to make a statement now and then. This antiqued tassel necklace and these hammered gold earrings (available at Neiman Marcus)

For my fellow fashionistas who love making a statement in their wardrobe and/or life, check out Devon Leigh’s full collection online. Use promo code SDPROMO from now until 10/22 to receive an extra discount when you shop.

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