#JanuaryWhole30: Week 1 in Review

Perhaps the third time’s the charm, but this year’s January Whole30 is off to the best start! I feel like a seasoned pro, with my go-to recipes and tips down pat. There are also SO many more Whole30-friendly or approved options available in the marketplace than my first round. But the ultimate Whole30 secret weapon is my coach (and friend), Andrea from Loubies and Lulu!

Andrea is now an officially Certified Whole30 Coach in Dallas, but she’s been the guiding force in my Whole30 journey since the beginning. This year, she’s joined forces with fellow coach Whitney of Whitness Nutrition to lead the Whole30 Dallas Duo coaching group.

Before my Whole30 start date, I did a photoshoot with Andrea and Whitney for their launch. It was the perfect kickstart and made me so excited for the rest of the month.

Whole30: Week One

Meal Prep:
Crockpot Salsa Chicken
Dump Ranch
Chocolate Chili
Homemade Chicken Soup (a family recipe to make broth, shredded chicken, baby red potatoes)

I got excited this week and went a little overboard with the cooking. I wanted to make sure we started strong and didn’t run out of delicious options by the end of the week. Here is a breakdown by day:

Day One
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onions
Lunch: Salsa chicken
Dinner: Salad, topped with shredded chicken, dump ranch, and a bowl of chocolate chili

Day Two
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, clementine orange
Lunch: Chocolate Chili
Dinner: Baked Potato with ghee, Shredded Chicken, Coconut Aminos

Day Three
Went to support Andrea at her Whole30 Snap Kitchen event with Alex from The Defined Dish. Discovered Snap Kitchen’s new Whole30 offerings and stocked up on some easy meals and sides for the rest of the week.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Baby Red Potatoes
Lunch: Chicken broth, Shredded Chicken, Baby Red Potatoes
Snack: Epic Chicken Sriracha Bar
Dinner: Snap Kitchen Over Easy Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges

Day Four
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Snap Kitchen grilled steak
Lunch: Snap Kitchen Sloppy Joe & Sweet Potatoes, Noma Lim Chicken Turmeric Bone Broth
Dinner: Snap Kitchen Sloppy Joe & Sweet Potatoes

Noticing a pattern? I got a little addicted to Snap Kitchen’s sloppy joe and sweet potatoes meal. Also discovered that they now offer free delivery through Favor. Order online for delivery or pick-up at your local store.

Day Five
I went to Andrea and Whitney’s Whole30 Dallas Duo kick-off event at Communion Coffee in Richardson. They gave an overview of the program, shared some great tips, and provided each of us with a swag bag of Whole30 goodies and a customized planner to document our journey. (This has made keeping track of my meals a breeze!)

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Snap Kitchen grilled steak, onions, baby red potatoes
Lunch: Communion Coffee Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken and Turmeric Dressing, Coffee with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and Vanilla Nutpods
Dinner: Snap Kitchen Sloppy Joe with Sweet Potatoes

Day Six

Andrea and Whitney got me hooked on this coffee, Vital Proteins, and Nutpods combo (frothed for extra foamy goodness). I am NOT a coffee drinker, and usually pour sugar in mine to mask the taste.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Snap Kitchen grilled steak, banana with Artisana cashew butter, carrots, dump ranch, Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate with Vital Proteins and Vanilla Nutpods
Lunch: Snap Kitchen Chicken Pad Thai
Dinner: Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Andrea met Holden and I at the Whole Foods in Addison to help us with our Whole30 grocery shopping. She found all the approved staples, including Applegate Chicken and Apple Sausage. SO YUMMY. We picked out the ingredients for the Buffalo Chicken Casserole Andrea made for us at last year’s Whole30 potluck dinner. Holden’s been asking for me to make it ever since he tried hers. It was our dinner last night (and lunch today). SO YUMMY.

Day Seven
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee with Vital Proteins and Vanilla Nutpods, Applegate Chicken and Apple Sausage
Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Casserole, Banana and Artisana Cashew Butter
Snack: Epic Chicken Sriracha Bar
Dinner: Snap Kitchen Over Easy Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges

I know Andrea and Whitney are starting their Whole30 today. Good luck to everyone on Day One! Fellow Whole30ers… what are your favorite recipes and products? I’m excited to try all the new things this time around.

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  1. Hi Steph!

    Love this first week recap and all the high fives and good vibes for your third round! We’ll be making lots of Whole30 recipes this month as well and this weekly food diary is fantastic inspiration. Also, checking out the sloppy joes at Snap Kitchen. That was a childhood food favorite for me – yum!

    And yassssssss for Chameleon cold brew! Love the vanilla flavor and literally just wrote a blog post with Whole30 coffee recipe here: http://www.fortuitousfoodies.com/cold-brew-coffee-ice-cubes-recipe/

    Yay for another Whole30 dinner party this year. Let’s get it on the calendar and I of course will be bring the infamous carrot and leek soup…. better yet we should cook it together this time.


  2. Okay I ALWAYS hear people talking about that sausage (whole 30 or not!) so clearly I need to try it. I’m not doing Whole 30, you know this lol, but I’m doing a 21 day fix once a month this year to try to establish actual healthy eating habits. Definitely going to try some of these combos because I’m kind of tired of my same old recipes!

  3. Thank you for all the LOVE in this post my friend! I am so happy for you and Holden, really going for your goals during this January Whole30! It has been so wonderful to have you in our very first coaching group…you are my star student 🙂 And, now I am also hooked on the Chameleon Cold Brew…it is SO delicious! Would be fun to celebrate with another Whole30 Potluck soon… xoxo

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