The world’s a stage

I had a dream the other night, that I was auditioning for "Footloose" somewhere. I don't remember specific details, but I did remember being excited at the fact that I was told I had a good chance of getting the role of Rusty. Anyway, I woke up with "Let's Hear it for the Boy" audiating in my head, ...

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Cognitive Dissonance

I don't know. I'm so exhausted lately, not getting enough sleep or calories, and maybe my judgment is slightly off. Have you ever had an instant connection to someone? Like from the moment you saw them, you got a sense that they would somehow be important in your life even if you could not ...

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Being “American”

[EDIT] After doing some research, I found the author of the original article. His name is Barry Loudermilk. I'm not sure how I feel...almost even more disappointed because I was hoping that the article had been written by some ignorant angsty prepubescent teenager. To learn that grown man would find ...

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