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Stephanie Drenka

Beauty Tutorial: Korean Ulzzang Makeup

Beauty Tutorial: Korean Ulzzang Makeup

Put your best face forward! (In 5 Easy Steps!)

korean ulzzang makeup tutorial

The Korean term Ulzzang (얼짱) translates to “Best Face” in English. It was popularized by photo contests on Cyworld (Korean social network), and is used to describe Korean models, celebrities, and other above-average attractive individuals. Characteristics of the Ulzzang look include large “smiling” eyes, flawless skin, and subtle makeup to enhance natural beauty. It’s a universal style that’s easy to recreate.

Here is the process I use to achieve my best face.

  1. Use a high-quality foundation and concealer to cover any blemishes, but keep it as natural-looking as possible.

  3. Highlight/contour to enhance cheekbones and add a little glow.

  5. Apply a peach-colored blush to the apples of your cheeks.

  7. For the eyes – Choose three shades of eyeshadow: one light nude color for the base, a dark closer for the contour, and one shade in-between.

    I used a new Clinique fall eyeshadow palette (c/o Belk Galleria Dallas) and colors Neutral Territory, Mushroom, and Smoke and Mirrors. (1, 4, and 6)

    Sweep the light color across the eyelid, apply the darkest color in the outer-corner of your eye, and used the middle shade to blend, blend, blend. Use the lightest color again underneath your eyes. Those under-eye bags you’ve been trying to hide? Highlight them!

    Add a thin line of black eyeliner near your lashline and top with mascara or false eyelashes. (Big eyes are key to the Ulzzang look)

  9. For a finishing touch, add a few layers of translucent red gloss, concentrating on the center of your lips and blending outward with your finger.

After these few steps, you’re ready to bust out your favorite selfie poses and channel your inner K-Pop star. 행운을 빈다! (Good luck!)

korean-ulzzang-makeup-0072korean-ulzzang-makeup-0064korean ulzzang makeup tutorial

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