Rock Hudson Suite at Hotel Paisano

We drove back last night from our Christmas vacation in Marfa, Texas. Unable to let go of our time in the quirky, historic town, we fell asleep watching "Giant" and reminiscing about Hotel Paisano (where the film's stars stayed during production). I grew up loving Rock Hudson after watching "Pillow ...

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The True Meaning of Influence

It was this time last year I packed up my desk and waved a forlorn goodbye to a six-figure salary at a renowned influencer marketing company. Though I knew there would be no turning back after giving the two weeks notice, the hope that I'd made a mark on the industry in some small way lingered. This ...

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Holiday Shopping at Mockingbird Station

'Tis the Season for... stressing over holiday shopping! Is it just me or do other people get super anxious around this time of year trying to figure out what gifts to buy for everyone? In the past, I've avoided driving across town to multiple places in search of the perfect present and opted to shop ...

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