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Sunglasses gifted c/o DIFF Eyewear, Mon Amie watch gifted c/o Fossil Group, Inc. All opinions are my own. 

“Doing something that counts. Something that not only makes a difference, but has a lasting impact. It’s a basic human need, like water or calcium. We can actually get by with surprisingly little of either, but we hold together better and longer when we get regular servings of each.”

The above quote is from a book called The Cathedral Within: Transforming Your Life by Giving Something Back. I’ve been reading it on the recommendation of a non-profit mentor. The author, Bill Shore, uses the concept of cathedral building to illustrate the importance of doing something in life that leaves a lasting positive impact.
DIFF Eyewear Becky Sunglasses in Gold/Flash Brown
One lesson that I took from the anecdotes in “The Cathedral Within” was that traditional charity and non-profit work alone are not enough to truly move the needle; we need to infuse innovation. Traditional funding sources like donations and taxes for government programs can be supplemented by entrepreneurship.

Reading the book has given me a new perspective on this blog. I’ve been struggling for awhile thinking that blogging was counterproductive to the non-profit work I do by day. Shore’s words resonated with me in that this humble site is my own cathedral. It’s a platform and record of my words that will outlive me. I may or may not see the change I’m fighting for in this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean the work is not worth doing.

With more than enough to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, I’m focusing my holidays on finding/sharing ways to give back. This outfit post features companies that are doing their part to transform lives and communities.

DIFF Eyewear is one of my favorite socially conscious fashion companies in the marketplace today. Their “buy one, give one” program model helps provide reading glasses to communities in need. Support their charitable mission and save on their stylish sunglasses during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. From Thursday evening-Monday night, buy one pair for 30% off your order, two pairs for 40% off, or three pairs for 50% off (sale excludes new styles & licensing).
Mon Amie Watch: Health
Another accessory brand merging style with substance is Mon Amie. Each purchase helps benefit different charitable causes. I’m so excited to share more about this new brand next week for a special edition of Diversity Chic! In the meantime, check out their beautiful collection of “Watches with Purpose” online.

My camel-colored wool coat and skinny jeans are from Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a low-cost retailer with an admirable commitment to sustainability and making the world a better place. Their youth development activities hold special significance to me because of my everyday work.

What are some socially conscious, innovative, and charitable brands that you love? The more we can share with each other, the greater impact we can make! Leave your favorites in the comments below.

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